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Consumer Issues

Consumer Credit
 Student Loan Repayment Guide
  Click here for important and helpful information for anyone seeking to repay student loans.
 Your Rights Under the CARD Act
  In these Quick Tips, find out how the federal Credit Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, or CARD, Act protects you from credit card abuses.
 Foreclosure Prevention and Loan Modification Assistance
  Click here for resources available to consumers attempting to achieve loan modifications and avoid foreclosure.
 Lost and Stolen Credit and ATM/Debit Cards
  What should you do if your credit card is stolen or if you notice unauthorized purchases on your debit card statement? Find out with these Quick Tips.
 Credit Reports & Scores
  Learn about credit reports, credit scores and your rights under the law with these Quick Tips.
 Credit Repair Scams
  Use these Quick Tips to identify credit repair scams and avoid falling victim.