Attorney General: Consumer Issues
Consumer Issues

Hot Scams
 Shopping Coupons
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal warned Connecticut consumers again to never give out bank account or credit card information over the telephone. Attorney General Blumenthal's warning comes in response to a new telephone scam in which scammers offer hundreds of dollars worth of bogus shopping vouchers or gift certificates from stores, such as J.C. Penney and Kmart. The scammers then ask consumers to provide their bank information in order to quickly pay a $4.95 processing fee. The information is then used to withdraw much larger amounts from consumers' bank accounts.
 Check-Overpayment and Money Wiring Scams
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal warned consumers about a scam in which swindlers “buy” items on the Internet with counterfeit cashier's checks greater than the purchase price and then ask sellers to return the difference.