Attorney General: Consumer Issues
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Attorney General: Consumer Issues<br>
Consumer Issues

Identity Theft
 If You Are Victimized
  Many states have passed laws regulating credit repair companies. This may help if you have lost money to credit repair scams.
 Privacy Protection
  Privacy Protection -- Credit card companies and financial institutions have been sending consumers privacy notices and sometimes confusing information regarding selling and sharing of private information between companies.
 Identity Theft Alert
  A new sophisticated thief is on the horizon, an "identity thief." Identity thieves obtain your important personal information such as social security numbers, and bank or credit card account numbers to commit fraud or theft.
 Ficticious IRS Forms and Bogus Bank Letter Alert
  Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Identity Theft Alert. How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal renewed his warning to consumers today about potential online scams, including "phishing." "Phishing" is the fraudulent attempt by con-artists to obtain personally identifiable information from the public at large by sending millions of e-mails randomly to anyone with an e-mail address.