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Health Issues

Americans With Disabilities Act
 Service Animals and the ADA - Questions and Answers
  Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals In Places Of Business
 Service Animals and the ADA
  People using service animals such as "seeing eye dogs" cannot be discriminated against by private businesses and are legally entitled to public accommodations, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today in an advisory to Connecticut businesses.
 Americans With Disabilities Act
  The Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq., prohibits discrimination based on disability in employment, places of public accommodation, transportation, telecommunication and commercial facilities.

Child Day Care Services
 Child Day Care Services Complaints
  You can contact the Department of Public Health complaint phone line by dialing: (860) 509-8045. Complaints concerning child abuse or neglect should be reported immediately to the Department of Children and Families HOTLINE at 1-800-842-2288 and to the DPH Child Day Care Unit.
 Child Day Care Licensing Program
  Provides information about child day care services in Connecticut, including state laws and regulations. The Division of Community Based Regulation is responsible for licensing child day care facilities in Connecticut. Licensing assures that those programs that are licensed have achieved at least the minimum standards required by law to meet the health, educational and social needs of children utilizing those services.
 Great Kids CT Website
  Welcome to greatkidsCT website for parents devoted to information on parenting, education, and health and safety. Resources available on this site are related to children from birth to eight.

Connecticut's Living Will Laws
 Living Will - Your Rights to Make Health Care Decisions (PDF-127KB)
  This booklet contains general information about advance directives including frequently asked questions and answers and all of the Connecticut forms for making advance directives. If you prefer to just print the individual forms from the booklet, links to each form are set out below
 Living Will - Advance Directives Combined Form (PDF-122KB)
  This document contains all of the advance directives-- appointment of health care representative, living will, appointment of conservator and organ donation in one form. You do not have to create all of these directives. The form allows you to choose to not make one of the directives by signing your initials at the top of that section.
 Living Will (PDF-35KB)
  Use this form if you wish to only make your wishes known when you are unable to do so but not appoint anyone to act on your behalf.
 Appointment of Health Care Representative (PDF-12KB)
  Use this form if you wish to only appoint a health care representative to make health care decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so.

Disease Information
 Infectious Diseases and Other Health Concerns
  Use the links on this page to find out information about infectious diseases and other health concerns. Helpful fact sheets, clear definitions, and other useful resources.

Education Information
 U.S. Department of Education
  Information is provided for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. There are information centers for Grants & Contracts, Financial Aid, Programs, Legislation, Regulations & Guidance.
 Conn. State Dept of Education
  Information on the No Child Left Behind Act, Technical Schools, Early Childhood, Grants, School & District data, Special Education, State Board, Student Testing, Teachers and Administrators is included.
 Connecticut Association of Boards of Education
  Visit the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education website for information on education, CABE-CAPSS conventions, current workshops and more.
 Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center
  Information and support to families of children with any disability or chronic illness, age birth through 21.
 The Association for Severe Handicaps
  Information and resources for community living, communication rights, chapters, committees and more.
 Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities
  The Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities is a regional, non-profit organization that supports individuals, families, and professionals by providing information, education, and consultation while promoting public awareness and understanding. Visit this website for the latest programs, information on ADD/ADHD, the bookstore, helpful planning tips for students with learning disabilities, and more.
 Connecticut Association for Retarded Citizens
  The Arc of Connecticut is an advocacy organization committed to protecting the rights of people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and to promoting opportunities for their full inclusion in the life of their communities. Visit their website for information on Arc, Arc/CT Chapters, and donations.
 Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendent
  The mission of CAPSS is to lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy for children, and by developing and supporting executive school leaders. Visit the website for information about the Board of Directors, calendar of events, vacancies, retirement and more.
 Connecticut Board of Education and Services for the Blind
  BESB's mission is to provide quality educational and rehabilitative services to all people who are legally blind or deaf-blind and children who are visually impaired at no cost to our clients or their families. You will find information about blindness, children's services, adult services, employment services and more.
 Connecticut Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
  Information about eligibility, interpreting services, job placement, counseling, education, etc. is provided.
 Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation
  The Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) is a state agency funded by the State of Connecticut to purchase or provide a wide range of supports and services for citizens of Connecticut with mental retardation. Information about support and services, day programs, employment supports, family supports and more is provided.

Health Information & Services
 A Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions
  Provides an overview of the key legal and practical issues that arise in the care of individuals who face a life-limiting condition or who care for a loved one with a life-limiting condition. As an aid to the planning process, the Guide is organized around the continuum of care, beginning with healthy individuals who are able to live at home and following the continuum to independent retirement communities, assisted living, long term care, and an eventual return to the home with the aid of hospice services. The Guide is written by expert health lawyers and is part of the Health Lawyers' Public Information Series.
 Connecticut Living Wills Information
  This website describes your legal rights as a patient to make decisions about your medical care. It also explains how you can prepare instructions to guide your physician and health care providers about your treatment if you are unable to speak for yourself because of serious illness, disability or injury.
 Disease Information
  Information is provided about infectious diseases and other health concerns. In includes Influenza(flu), the West Nile Virus & the CT Mosquito Management Program, Asthma, Medline, and the National Library of Medicine.
 Environmental Health
  Information and references for Asbestos Abatement, Lead Poisoning, Radon Exposure, Indoor Air Quality, and Mold
 Health Care Complaints
  Consumer Guide to DPH's Complaint Investigation and Hearing Process. Consumers and their families may file complaints about health care providers with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.
 Health Care Laws
  The Public Health Code is a compilation of the regulations that pertain specifically to the Department of Public Health. It is mandated pursuant to Section 19a-36 of the General Statutes of Connecticut. The Public Health Code is a valuable public health resource.
 Your Rights Under HIPAA
  You have privacy rights under a federal law that protects your health information. These rights are important for you to know. You can exercise these rights, ask questions about them, and file a complaint if you think your rights are being denied or your health information isn't being protected.
 Husky Program - Healthcare for Uninsured Kids & Youth
  Nothing is more important than the health of your child. Every young person should have a doctor, a dentist, and other important health services. This website will give you the basic information. Our friendly HUSKY customer service representatives will tell you the rest.
  MedlinePlus will direct you to information to help answer health questions. MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information from the National Institutes of Health, and other government agencies and health-related organizations. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MedlinePlus and give easy access to medical journal articles. MedlinePlus also has extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news.
 How to Find Mental Health Services
  This link will take you to the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services website. DMHAS-funded and operated mental health and addiction services are organized on a regional level, providing easy access, responsive emergency care, continuity of care between different agencies, and client/family/advocate involvement.
 Navigating The Health Care System: A Resource Guide For Consumers
  Healthnet: Connecticut Consumer Health Information Network Lyman Maynard Stowe Library University of Connecticut Health Center Farmington, Connnecticut. This Guide is intended to assist patients and their families who are selecting health care providers and insurance coverage and want to gather background information to help them in the decision-making process. The Guide includes Internet websites as well as print resources.
 Physician Profiles: Professional Background Information is Available Here for all Connecticut-Licensed Physicians
  This website has been created to provide you with extensive information about Connecticut-licensed physicians. The Department of Public Health is committed to providing valuable healthcare information and we hope this website will be helpful to you.
 Senior Services
  Provides resource links for Senior Citizens regarding health, aging, and other services.

Nursing Homes
 Nursing Homes Information
  Nursing homes are licensed by the Department of Public Health which also certifies the homes for participation in the Medicaid program. Use the links on this page to find out information about a nursing home and to file a complaint with the Department of Public Health. The Long Term Care Ombudsman also investigates complaints and advocates on behalf of nursing home residents. Updates on litigation involving nursing homes brought by my office are also provided on this page.