Attorney General: How to Correct Mistakes In Your Credit Report

How To Correct Mistakes In Your Report

Review your credit report for any mistakes or information more than seven years old (10 years for bankruptcy). If you don't understand something, ask. The credit bureau is required by law to explain your report to you. If there are mistakes, you can take the following actions:

  1. Notify the credit bureau of the problem and provide as much information as you can about what is wrong with the report. The bureau must - at no charge to you - reinvestigate the disputed information. It then must correct any mistake or delete any information it cannot verify. At your request, the bureau must send a corrected copy of your report to anyone who received the incorrect version within the past six months.

  2. Sometimes, it is also helpful to contact the creditor directly to ensure that the creditor's records are correct.

  3. If these steps don't resolve things, you can file a written statement of up to 100 words with the credit bureau explaining your side of the story. This explanation will be included in your credit report.

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