Attorney General: Identity Theft

Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Identity Theft!

  • Attorney General Richard Blumenthal warned consumers today to be wary of an email that asks them for the expiration date and account numbers for their credit cards. This scam email asks for this information on the ruse that the consumer who is targeted is a "child pornography webmaster or deal [sic] with dirty money." The email lists a telephone number in a foreign country for consumers to call with questions. "Consumers should not be intimidated by these scare tactics into giving out their credit information to strangers" said Blumenthal. The best advice for consumers receiving this email is simply to delete it.

  • CFTC Warns the Public About Investment Opportunities Promising Large Profits and Little Risk, Even When Offered by Friends and Acquaintances. Click here for the CFTC Press Release. If you think you may have been the victim of a commodities scam, you may contact the Securities and Business Investments Division of the Connecticut Department of Banking at (860) 240-8230 or toll free at 800-831-7225.
  • Consumer Alert: The Online Scam known as "phishing" {New!}

  • Fictious IRS Forms and Bogus Bank Letter Alert

  • Identity Theft Alert -- To learn how to avoid being a victim of identity thieves, who obtain your important personal information such as social security numbers, and bank or credit card account numbers, and use it to commit fraud or theft.

  • Privacy Protection (pdf 22kb)-- Credit card companies and financial institutions have been sending consumers privacy notices and sometimes confusing information regarding selling and sharing of private information between companies. Look here for some explanation as to what the policies are about, what "opting out" means, and how you can protect your rights under the law. View the generic opt-out letter. (pdf 2kb)

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