Attorney General: Teen Violence

Teen Violence

Teen dating violence impacts the entire community in painful and destructive ways.  The Connecticut Attorney Generalís Office joins other national, state and private agencies in the call to educate our young people, girls and boys, about the realities of violent relationships.  Young people must know in no uncertain terms that violence against any person is unequivocally wrong.  Young people must feel security in knowing that help is available, offering support and strength to walk away from relationships of fear and violence.  Parents must be educated in the warning signs that teens often display when they are being victimized emotionally or physically and be offered tools to help them intervene.  The Connecticut Attorney Generalís Office is committed to breaking the pattern of violent relationships, beginning with our children and teens.  The Connecticut Coalition Against Violence offers valuable information and directions to resources which mark the first steps in preventing the tragedy of teen dating violence.   The Attorney General encourages every person in our community to educate themselves and speak out against this behavior that touches too many of our young people.

More Information:

If you need help or to talk to someone - Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence help information lines.

What is Teen Dating Violence?  - Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence information on teen violence.

http://seeitandstopit.orgTeen action campaign to inform teens to "See It" and  "Stop It"

More Information for Parents & Educators: - This is the Family Violence Prevention Fund website which includes teen dating violence prevention information and resources, including innovative programs to reach men and young men. - Resources and information for parents and adults on how to detect, prevent and help prevent violent relationships.