AGING SERVICES: Welcome from the Commissioner

Welcome to the State Department on Aging

Our department focuses on the needs of Connecticut’s older adults, families, caregivers,
and advocates.

While not all state programs for seniors are administered by the State Department on Aging, we work to focus and coordinate the state’s efforts and to connect you with resources that can help improve and support you and your quality of life. We want you to be well-informed of the range of supports that are available, equipped to advocate on your own behalf and prepared with resources for assistance when needed.

We hope we can help make a difference in your life, or the life of a loved one. As the Department continues to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our residents, we need to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please contact me at any time. 
Elizabeth B. Ritter
State Department on Aging

~ ~ ~ ~


Commissioner Ritter discusses State Department on Aging Services
with State Rep. John Hampton

Commissioner Ritter tours University of Connecticut’s Center on Aging

Photo: Left to right, Commissioner Ritter, Dr. Gail Sullivan and Dr. George Kuchel. 

{Commissioner sitting down with UCONN staff}                                                                    

Commissioner Ritter speaks at AARP's Volunteer Leadership meeting in Hartford.

{Commissioner talking with AARP volunteers}

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