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What Are the Warning Signs for Vision Loss in School-Aged Children?

Sometimes, if vision loss is gradual, a child may not be aware he is having problems seeing.  It is important to look for changes in a child's behavior, such as a regression in learning, or disinterest in previously enjoyed activities such as watching television, reading a book, or coloring.  A child may also complain that things look blurry or that glare seems to bother him more than usual.  Children may also hold books unusually close to their eyes, become irritable when doing close work, or have eyes that are not aligned.

What Happens With School-Aged Children Who Need Our Services?

It is one of BESB's primary responsibilities to provide comprehensive services to help children, parents and other caregivers.  Children need to learn many basic skills that help establish independence, and vision plays a major role.  It is therefore important to provide the assistance and support needed to help a child compensate for any visual impairment.


Many eye disorders can be easily corrected and a doctor may prescribe glasses or special "low vision" devices. However, if an ophthalmologist or optometrist finds the child has a visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye (with best correction) or a visual field of 20 degrees or less, BESB should be contacted.  We provide services to all children who are visually impaired.

The services BESB Offers School-Aged Children:

We work with school-aged children at school, in special-needs programs and at home.  Our education consultants, specializing in the education of children who are blind or visually impaired, can provide assistance to:

  • Conduct a functional vision assessment

  • Become a member of each child's educational planning team to formulate appropriate goals and make referrals to related professionals, such as orientation and mobility instructors, rehabilitation teachers and vocational counselors

  • Provide curricular materials in Braille and large print as appropriate

  • Consult with parents and other education team members regarding specific techniques for working with blind and visually impaired children

  • Instruct a child in Braille, use of low vision aids, organization skills, adaptive equipment and other skills needed for independence

  • Provide specialized educational and consultative services to deaf-blind children, parents and professionals

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 * All consumer records and information are confidential and protected by law.  BESB does not release any personal information to any other agency, business, or individual without written consent.

* The Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and offers its programs regardless of race, color, national origin, physical or mental disability (including but not limited to blindness), sexual orientation, religion, age, sex, or marital status.

* In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, materials are available in large print, braille or audio cassette upon request by calling 1-800-842-4510.

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