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The State Broadband Policy Coordinator has produced a comprehensive study of the status of and proposed enhancements to expand high speed Internet services in Connecticut entitled,

Guidelines for Development of a Connecticut Strategic Plan For Accessibility To Broadband Services

Given that broadband technology is an enabler that significantly advances the ability of Connecticut’s residents, organizations and businesses to communicate, learn, work, create, consume, access services, and recreate, it merits serious state attention. The recommendation regarding creating formal communication among existing policymakers places greater emphasis on broadband policy with the development of the broadband cabinet. This will help increase communication and coordination between state agency leaders that can impact broadband policy with other state policymakers. The establishment of a broadband goal provides direction for policymakers and helps establish Connecticut as a broadband leader.

In order to be a global leader in broadband capacity, Connecticut must ensure that the state maintains a competitive environment for broadband providers and remains attractive for continued investment. Streamlining the pole attachment and cell-tower siting processes will ease the burden for providers in the market. Furthermore, since open access to the CEN is required as part of receiving ARRA funding, explore opportunities for municipalities to connect to the network and for providers to offer service to the network.

Finally, although Connecticut does have some of the highest broadband access rates in the nation, there are segments of the population that lack broadband connections due to factors such as lack of interest or understanding of the need for an Internet connection as well as the cost of technology and broadband service. Therefore, the proposed recommendations hope to increase access rates by leveraging existing resources by working within the existing infrastructure of nonprofits and organizations that assist low-income residents.

Contact the Connecticut Broadband Coordinator:

Bill Vallee

CT Broadband Policy & Programs Coordinator

Office of Consumer Counsel

10 Franklin Square

New Britain, CT 06051


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