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Employer Partnerships

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services partners with employers of all sizes and across industries. These partnership arrangements include qualified candidate referrals and individualized on-the-job trainings as well as more formalized training and placement programs. The BRS Employment Division can assist with your training and placement needs. For more information, please contact Mark Henry at 860-424-4859 or e-mail

Industry Specific Training and Placement Programs (ISTPP)
Industry Specific Training and Placement Programs (ISTPP) are tuition-based workforce development programs designed to provide job seekers with disabilities the skills necessary for employment in a particular profession or type of business. In order to be most effective, ISTPP’s are developed to address the employment needs within a local market or area and are reliant on essential partnerships with community/educational organizations and the targeted industry.
These programs are designed to suit specific occupations and careers while utilizing the principles of Universal Design to increase the training program’s overall accessibility and potential for success. Training is provided for participants to develop the skills required for employment in a particular career and to place successful participants on a career path leading to long-term employment growth and stability.
BRS is currently engaged in industry specific training and placement programs with the following employers:

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