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Gaining Independence

Whether you are starting to work or moving toward a career, most young adults are thinking about increased independence. 

Self Advocacy

It’s important to know what you need to be successful and be able to tell others what you need at home, at work and in the community.  Here are two resources to help you start. 

Stepping Forward: A Self-Advocacy Guide for Middle and High School Students

The 411 on Disability Disclosure


How are you going to get there?  Will you drive?  Will you use public transportation or will you need a modified vehicle?    Here is a resource to help you think about your transportation options.

Connect-Ability Transportation Page

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance means any support a person needs to keep his or her independence. Many people with disabilities have personal assistants who help with work, daily life, or recreation. You might need hands-on services - help with eating and using the bathroom, transportation and more. Or, perhaps you need help caring for your apartment, using a checkbook, or translating speech that might be difficult to understand. 

Here is some information to help you learn about personal assistance and becoming an employer.

Connect-Ability Youth - Can I Get Help?

CPASS Employer Training Manual


You may be thinking about where you are going to be living.  Here are some resources to help think about accessible housing. 

Finding Your Home

CT Housing Search


Most young adults can and should work.  Even if you are eligible for federal or state benefits, those benefits alone may not provide enough income for anything more than the most basic needs.  Wages (or combination of wages and benefits) can provide a better quality of life.  In some cases in Connecticut, working can allow you to have Medicaid with much higher income and asset limits.

Try these sources for information about Medicaid for the Employed Disabled and for more information about federal and state benefits, how they are affected by wages and how to contact a Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC) at the Connect to Work Center. 

What Is Medicaid for the Employed Disabled

Connect-Ability web site/CWICs

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