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The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) often receives questions from individuals who use personal assistance services (PAS) at home and in the workplace, and from their employers.  This web page has been developed to answer many of these questions.
The links and resources in this section provide general information as well as tools and suggestions.  Unless otherwise noted, the resources come from BRS or our partner organization, Connect-Ability.  Anything from these two organizations may be copied. 
Whether you are thinking about hiring a personal assistant, one of your employees is in need of a personal assistant, or you would like to become a personal assistant, you should find many helpful resources here. 
We welcome your feedback.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact


General Information for Users of Personal Assistance Services
Getting from Here to There: A Manual about Personal Assistance
You Are the Employer: A Guide to Hiring and Managing Personal Assistant Services
Module 1: Knowing What You Need and Want
Module 2: The Hiring Process
Module 3: Tax Considerations
Module 4: What Does Being an Employer Involve?
Module 5: Stress Management
Module 6: Communication Skills
Module 7: Additional Resources
How Can Assistive Technology Reduce My Need for Personal Assistance Services?

Bowel and Bladder Management
Personal Assistance Information Guides
Personal Assistance Information Guide for Students
Personal Assistance Information Guide for Adults
BRS Guides to Personal Assistance and Home Health Services for Students
BRS Guide to Personal Assistance/Home Health Aide Services for In-State Postsecondary Students
BRS Guide to Personal Assistance/Home Health Aide Services for Out-of-State Postsecondary Students
Scheduling Chart and Sample Schedule
Information for Employers about Providing Personal Assistance in the Workplace
Information for Personal Assistants: Finding a Job, Keeping the Job, and Loving Your Work

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