CCT: State Historic Preservation Board

State Historic Preservation Board

The State Historic Preservation Board is established by Section 10-321q of the General Statutes in accordance with the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended and implemented through 36 CFR S. 61.2 (1978). The Board consists of up to ten (10) members representing a variety of historic preservation-related professional disciplines each of whose qualifications meet professional standards established pursuant to federal law. Review Board members are appointed on an annual basis by the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO). Their primary function is to review nominations to the National Register of Historic Places to determine whether or not the property meets the National Register criteria for evaluation and to make a recommendation that the State Historic Preservation Officer either nominate or reject the proposed nomination. The State Historic Preservation Board relies on support provided by SHPO staff.

State Historic Preservation Board Members 
Mr. Jared I. Edwards, Chairman
Dr. Cecelia Bucki
Mr. Rudy J. Favretti
Dr. Kenneth L. Feder
Mr. John Herzan
Ms. Cece Saunders
Ms. Summer Sutton
Mr. Christopher Wigren

2017 Review Board Meetings

2015 Review Board Meetings

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