CCT: Examples of Student Senate Work

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Examples of Student Senate Work

1.   Student senate representatives who were working with a theater artist in a social studies class decided it would be effective to address recurrent bullying issues at recess and on busses, through theater. They were guided through the process for gaining permission to do so.  They worked with the school psychologist, social worker, and theatre artist to develop solutions to the bullying issues.  The final results of their work were performed for the entire student and invited community body at Town Meeting.

2.  In another school, senators, frustrated by the quality of school lunches, tackled the issue of making a salad bar available for students and staff each day.  They surveyed staff and students to determine interest and potential use of a salad bar, dressing choices, side choices, etc., and presented their results to school lunch servers and the director of food services.  The process took nearly the entire school year but students who researched and documented support for their cause remained committed to seeing the issue through.  That school, eight years later, still enjoys a salad bar as a daily lunch choice.