CCT: Student Senate Decision Making Process

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Student Senate Decision Making Process

  • Student Senators declare beliefs (sometimes rules or ideas).

  • They present those beliefs to each classroom in the school. 

  • The classrooms give feedback to their Student Senate representative.

  • Representatives share the feedback from their class with the whole Student Senate.

  • The Student Senate talks about and finalizes the beliefs.

  • The principal is invited to attend the Student Senate meeting.

  • The Senators present the beliefs to the principal.

  • The principal discusses each belief, asks questions, and decides whether to approve or veto them.

  • Once approved by the principal, Senators share the final document with each class.

If this is the school constitution or school rules:
  • Every student in the school signs the document
  • The document is posted in a public place

If these are decisions about ideas:

  • The Senators will work with their Adult Facilitator to decide what steps they have to take to make things work
  • The senators follow those steps