CCT: The Connecticut Showcase Booth

The Connecticut Showcase Booth

The Connecticut Showcase Booth is a designated space at the Connecticut Building with the sole purpose of providing artists, small businesses and non-profit organizations an opportunity to market and promote products and/or services for 1 - 2 days at no cost.
If you are interested in this showcase opportunity, please complete a Showcase Exhibitor Application and send it to:
Rosemary Bove
Department of Economic & Community Development
Connecticut Office of Tourism
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5
Hartford, CT 06103
Selection Process:
- The selection process is competitive. 
- All applications are reviewed and evaluated each year by a selection committee.
- DECD strives to avoid competition amongst exhibitors, but there is no assurance of exclusivity for any exhibitor as to product and/or service offerings.
- Applicants are required to submit a schematic drawing or photograph(s) of their proposed exhibit space and displays.
- Applicants are required to submit at least one (1) letter of recommendation.
- An exhibitor who has participated in the Showcase Booth program for two (2) consecutive years is ineligible for one year.

Applications are scored based on the following criteria:
- Quality of application
- Pertinent experience
- Alignment with the goals of the Connecticut Building
- Professionalism of exhibition space and display(s)

Panel review score sheet: PDF

Hours of Operation/Staff:
- The Connecticut Building is open to the fair-going public from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.
- Closing an exhibit early will result in the exhibitor being ineligible to apply again.
- Exhibition space must be staffed by at least one person at all times. An exhibitor who fails to properly staff their booth will be asked to leave and will be ineligible to apply again.
- Of extreme importance are the people working in the booth for they are viewed as representatives of Connecticut.
- Exhibitors, including their staff, must have uniform attire representative of the company/products/organization during all shifts throughout the fair. (i.e. t-shirt/ business shirt/polo/hat with logo)

Exhibition space/Displays:
- All exhibition space must be professional and encouraging to visitors to stop by, learn, interact and purchase, where applicable.
- Exhibitors are required to enhance the assigned space to reflect their business/organization in the most positive and engaging manner.

- All signs/banners produced by an exhibitor must be pre-approved by the building management.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Bove at 860-500-2355 or via email at

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