cen: Tools for Communicating and Collaborating on the Web

Tools for Communicating and Collaborating on the Web

Diigo - Bookmark, annotate, and explore Web resources with others.

Discovery Educator Network

Online community for educators with links to blogs, contests, lesson plans and webinars.

Manage a blog with your class for free.  Invite "blog buddies" to collaborate on activities and projects from elsewhere in Connecticut, the United States, and around the world!

Google for Educators

Google offers various resources for educators of any age group. A great service google offers is Google Apps for Education. This service strives to help teachers become more efficient and effective in the classroom.

Network with other library staff who are using collaborative technologies in education worldwide.

Brainstorm and create mind maps collaboratively online.

Contains lessons, interactive activities and tools, recommended Web resources, Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and 60-second audio clips of Science Updates for K-12 science teachers

Share my Lesson

Find different resources and lessons by other teachers all collaborating in one community.

Build and share presentations and documents with other educators.

Teaching American History

A high quality collection of nearly 170 American history lesson plans for grades 5-12 is now available – for free – thanks to a devoted and enthusiastic group of Connecticut history teachers who participated in EASTCONN’s federally funded Teaching American History Project.

Offers mobile and web software development kits (SDKs), archiving, text chat, messaging, analytics, firewall traversal, multi-party support, Internet Explorer plugin and more

Easily post online for free: text, photos, quotes, links, chat conversations, audio, or video.

Create simple web pages that educators, students, and other colleagues can edit collaboratively.  Check out Wikispaces for teachers where you can get an ad-free wiki when you sign up as a K-12 teacher.
Another source for free, ad-free wikis you can use in your classroom.


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