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Points of Pride

The following are accomplishments CEN has achieved, grants we have won, projects we have been involved with or collaborations possible because of the network. In short, we believe the achievements below add value to our community.

Educational Tools Supported by CEN

CEN actively supports educational tools on our Network. We are proud to enable the following resources on the CEN Backbone.  Here’s an overview of some recent examples:

  • CCAT
The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. is one of CEN’s members and is a non-profit based in East Hartford. CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC), which uses the CEN network’s high capacity bandwidth with burstability, has recently acquired cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities. Their newest addition is the Markforged 3D printer, the Mark Two, the world’s first printer capable of printing continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass.  This latest addition to the AMC reinforces CCAT’s position as a leader in making innovative technologies accessible to the manufacturing industry, schools, and government organizations. CEN is proud our network supports such functionality.


  • CPTV
CPTV and its affiliate channels, CPTV4U and CPTV Sports are media services of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc). CPTV and WNPR provide programming through a variety of multi-media platforms, in addition to traditional television and radio broadcasting from their studios in Hartford. CEN’s network is able to provide them with the quality and security of service to serve their broadcast needs.

  • CT-N
CEN provides connectivity to enable the Connecticut Network’s (CT-N) 24/7 streaming services at www.CT-N.com. Specifically, CEN’s burstability allows CT-N to provide uninterrupted video during peak periods of high usage.


  • Discover Video
Discover Video empowers hundreds of Connecticut schools, and thousands of students, to engage live and on-demand video, digital signage, and other forms of visual communications. Schools use Discover Video and CEN network to conduct live “Morning Announcements” delivered to classrooms, replacing the old cable-TV system with modern IP delivery. Organizations deliver curriculum and training content and individual viewers and measure the results using built-in testing. Digital Signage is unlimited and built-in, and organizations deploy signage in lobbies, classrooms, and anywhere there is network access.

{Discover Video}

  • researchIT
research IT is a service of the CT State Library that provides free access to online resources such as journal, magazine, and newspaper articles for Connecticut public, K12, and academic libraries and their users.  researchIT CT also offers a collection of downloadable eAudios and eBooks for Connecticut residents with valid CT public library card numbers.  This service is provided by the State of Connecticut with connectivity provided by CEN.


State Bond Commission Approves Allocation of Funds for Library Connections to CEN
In June 2016, the State Bond Commission approved the allocation of $3.6 million for high speed connections to the Connecticut Education Network for more than 90 libraries in Connecticut. State Librarian Kendall Wiggin explained, "The State Library will distribute the funds through directed grants to public libraries that have been using DSL connections to the Internet for the construction of new fiber connections. The benefit to the libraries will be high-speed, reliable Internet access for library users and Staff. All libraries who will receive funding are being asked to apply for E-rate discounts to reduce the fiber construction costs."

Find the list of eligible Libraries for grants for the construction of the new fiber connections here
. More information on E-rate funding for Libraries here.

CEN's Collaboration with the Quilt

The Quilt is a non-profit that nationally represents research and education networking organizations (RENs).  This forum allows members like CEN to share best practice, leverage expertise and speak with a single voice on issues of common interest. The value of RENS in enabling innovations is outlined here.

The latest Quilt News is that Scott Taylor is named Quilt Chairman for FY 17.  Get the full details here.

The Quilt Circle 2016 CEN's latest accomplishments, next step expansion efforts and involvement in the CT Gig Project. Read to learn more about the Commission for Education Technology (CET)'s new Director, Doug Casey.
CEN and Internet2 CEN was chosen as the member spotlight in March 2015 on the Quilt's website. The Quilt recognized CEN’s work with the Jesse Ball duPoint Center in Jacksonville, Florida and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology and other projects.
The Quilt Circle 2015 highlights CEN's fifteen years of achievement through collaboration with the University of Connecticut and the State of Connecticut.

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