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CEN Members 
By connecting to the Connecticut Education Network (CEN), you become a member of the CEN Community. This membership provides your organization with access to a research and education network that is based on a cost recovery model providing scaled benefits from negotiated licensing agreements and a supportive community that exchanges best practice, troubleshooting tips and events of interest.
A snapshot of CEN's advantages are available in the CEN Brochure.

Unique member benefits, gives you access to:
  • 100 Gig Backbone between Connecticut and Cambridge, MA.
  • Professional Learning and cyber security courses for CEN members at discount prices through our partnership with Merit Network.
  • GlobalNOC service desk support 24x7 allows CEN to ensure reliable operations services. Watch this video for more info.
  • A highly redundant meshed fiber backbone with 19 optical nodes.
  • Bandwidth utilization by K12 & Library Bandwidth at over 20Gbps.
  • Akamai, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and other content distribution network servers located on network providing increased performance, reduced cost and faster access to content for our members.
  • CenturyLink ISP circuits upgraded from 2x10G to 4x10G, bringing our total peering connectivity up to ~200Gbps!
As a CEN member, you can check your bandwidth usage and stats here.

Should you be interested in learning more about customized services or if you have a need that isnít captured by our current offering, please contact us.

Current members include:

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