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The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) provides reliable, high-speed internet access, data transport, and value added services to its members throughout Connecticut. We offer network, security, application, hosting and professional development service options.  

1) Internet Service
2) Private Ethernet Service
5) Cloud Connectivity
3) DDoS Mitigation

1) Colocation


In addition to services that CEN can offer directly to its members, CEN members have access to group discounts on select software licensing. Through CENís Quilt membership, we offer our members savings through the VMware Convenience Pricing Program, details here. Benefits of using Quilt VMware Convenience contracting include:
  • Pre-competed and non protestable Ė does not need to go out to RFP

  • Discounts are the highest in the nation outside of costly ELAís
  • All CEN members have access to this contract
  • All VMware products and services are available to purchase off of this contract
  • This contract does not expire until May, 2019
  • Attached you will find more information on the contract

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Quilt-VMware Convenience contract here. More information on VMware and AirWatch by VMware solutions here.

For members interested in E-rate, VMware NSX technology is now recognized as a category 2 product by E-rate. For more information, this webinar provides some detail on what can be achieved utilizing E-rate funding to better secure their networks through virtualization.

Internet2ís Net+ program works with cloud solution providers to provide cost savings offerings for the Research and Education (R&E) community. Leveraging the collective technical and functional expertise of Internet2 members, combined with the collaborative scale of the R&E community, ensures that Internet2 NET+ services are high­ value, collegially vetted, ready­ to ­use cloud solutions, simple to access and administer, and tailored to the unique needs of R&E. At present, these savings are currently available to CENís higher education institutions and opening to the wider CEN membership later in 2017. Net+ services that can be leveraged include: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and eduroam. More information on additional eligible services can be found here. For specific questions, please contact: info@cteducation.net.

If you are interested in becoming a CEN member, requesting a customized service or would like more information about our service offering, please contact us.

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