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Media Gallery

This media gallery is a showcase for Connect-Ability's communications and awareness campaign. Here you can find the videos and advertisements that are helping people all over the State of Connecticut see the ability. As new additions to the campaign become available, we'll post them, so check back soon.
To request print materials or a DVD with all of the success stories please contact at 1-866-844-1903.
Employer Success Stories
Employing Success - Dean Custom Cabinetry. Find out how Connect-Ability Staffing of Connecticut’s Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) can help your business succeed. Watch the Video 

Connect-Ability Staffing 2014 Top Employers
Congratulations to our 2014 Top Employers!  The following employers have been recognized for creating a diverse workforce by hiring individuals with disabilities. Click on each employer to find out more:

Walgreens Diversity

Find out how Connect-Ability Staffing of Connecticut’s Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) can help employers build a more competitive workforce with qualified people who happen to have a disability. Follow this link to download a video that explains how BRS worked with Walgreens the help them utilize a variety of programs, services and incentives. Or view the video on our YouTube Channel.


Individual Success Stories

James Devoe

{James Devoe}  
James DeVoe refused to let being a paraplegic crush his dream to drive a truck. He owns and operates J. DeVoe Trucking. At Connect-Ability, we bring employers and people with disabilities together. Providing the resources employers and prospective employees need to get where they want to go. 

Lisa Ellis

{Lisa Ellis}   Lisa Ellis is a phenomenal swimmer. And she’s a natural with kids. The perfect skill set for the YMCA in Fairfield, CT where she works as a lifeguard and swim instructor and has an intellectual disability. But to her family, her employer and Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services, what Lisa adds is excellence.

Kathy Flaherty

{Kathy Flaherty}    
She had the right to remain silent about her disability. Instead, she spoke up. By sharing her story about living with bipolar disorder, Attorney Kathy Flaherty is breaking the silence for anyone with a hidden disability.

Colleen LeBlanc

{Colleen LeBlank}   We see a person who keeps information systems talking. What do you see? Colleen LeBlanc doesn’t let being Deaf slow her down from being a Senior Systems Administrator.

Blessing Offor
{Blessing Offor}   We see a person who can open your eyes with a song. What do you see? As a singer-songwriter who is blind, Blessing Offor from Hamden, CT believes music is a voice for positive change. 
Ricardo Auguste
{Ricardo Auguste}   Before Ricardo created a collection for Her Game 2 he created a plan. Today, Ricardo is living his dream as a fashion designer, while living with paraplegia. 

Bill Shiavo

{Bill Shiavo}  
Bill Shiavo is a systems information specialist. Bill has been totally blind since birth, but adaptive technology helps Bill to see.

Gregg Bradford

{Greg Bradford}
 As a stroke survivor, Gregg knows about life. Gregg found his niche with the U.S. Forest Service as a biological labratory technician.

Jovan Davis
{Jovan Davis}   As a student, reading didn't exactly come easy to Jovan Davis. But as an automotive tech, he's a natural at reading customers. 
Matt Cavedon
{Matt Cavedon}    
Matt Cavedon can't walk or run due to a congenital muscle disorder, but he's quick to lead. In fifth grade, along with his classmates, Matt worked with Boundless Playgrounds to help build a playground accessible for all kids to enjoy together.

Matthew Radler

{Matthew Radler}   What started as a summer job delivering roses has blossomed into a potential career path for Matthew Radler.

Matt Nylen

{Matt Nylen}   Matt Nylen has places to go and people to see. Quadriplegia can't stop him, nor can cerebal palsy. 

Mike Serrano
{Mike Serrano}  
Like any builder, Mike Serrano, from New Britain, has his favorite tools. Mike has severe dyslexia, but with the use of assistive technology Mike works productively and independently as the owner of Midnight Construction.

Additional Media

Service Resource Videos

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