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Office of the State’s Attorney
Ansonia-Milford Judicial District

Kevin D. Lawlor, State’s Attorney {Kevin D. Lawlor is State}

- Kevin D. Lawlor Appointed Deputy Chief State's Attorney for Operations

I welcome you to our website for the Ansonia-Milford State’s Attorney’s Office. Within you will find information on how our court system works, details on how to access the services offered by our office and how to contact the office directly. We intend to make this site a vital resource for the people of this district.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the Ansonia-Milford State’s Attorney. My office is dedicated to working with local authorities and community-based agencies to vigorously prosecute criminal cases presented, assure that justice is done for the victims of crime, prevent crime and improve the quality of life for our families in this Judicial District.

This website is designed to help answer your questions. However, if you need additional assistance, please call 203-874-3361 or e-mail us.

Thank you.


Kevin D. Lawlor
State’s Attorney
Ansonia-Milford Judicial District

For more information, follow one of these links:

Would you like a prosecutor to speak to your group or class?

If you wish to have a member of the Office of the State’s Attorney speak to your group or class, please follow this link to email Assistant State’s Attorney Alexander Beck, who will assist you with scheduling a speaker.

Would you like to schedule a visit to the courthouse for your class or group?

Courthouse visits are scheduled through the Judicial Branch:

  • For further information about visits to the Milford courthouse, please call the Office of the Court Clerk at (203) 877-4293.
  • For more information about visiting the Derby courthouse, call the Clerk's Office at (203) 735-7438.

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