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Connecticut Partners in Policy Making


Partners in Policymaking class of 2014 graduated in September.  24 Parent and Self-Advocate leaders completed this training and are actively working to improve the lives of people with disabilities in their communities.  We are now accepting applications for Partners in Policymaking 2015.  Applications are due by December 19, 2014 for classes starting in 2015.  A brochure can be found here.  An application can be found here.

“Twenty five years ago, the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities created a ground-breaking, innovative training program called Partners in Policymaking® to teach parents and self-advocates the power of advocacy to change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work. During the past two decades, important issues have been confronted and dramatic changes have been made.”           Minnesota Council on Developmental Disabilities

Partners in Policymaking is Connecticut’s premier leadership training program for people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.  Partners in Policymaking training teaches people to be community leaders.  Used in over 25 states across the country, Partners training fosters collaboration among people with disabilities, parents who have children with disabilities, and policy makers at national, state and local levels.  Connecticut’s training program is a collaborative effort of the CT Developmental Disabilities Network, which consists of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities and the University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. 


Graduates of past Partners in Policymaking training in Connecticut have become involved in key policy and advocacy roles in the state.  The graduates of Connecticut Partners in Policymaking often become members of boards, councils, task forces and advisory committees.  Some move into paid positions addressing policy and program issues for people with disabilities and their families. They are recognized as skilled and capable leaders in disability issues in their communities and in the state. 


This intense training represents a significant commitment on the part of each and every participant.  The training is once per month for seven months.  The class begins at noon on Friday and runs through 9PM.  Class resumes Saturday at 8:30 and runs until 4 PM.  The training is free.  All costs for hotel rooms, meals, child care, transportation and PCA’s are provided. 


{PIP 2014 Legislator group}

Partners in Policymaking Legislator Group 2014


We have a PowerPoint slideshow which can be downloaded here.  If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint you can download a viewer here.

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