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{The mission of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities is to promote the full inclusion of all people with disabilities in community life.}

Dear Friends:

My name is Shelagh McClure, and I am the Chair of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities.  On behalf of the Council, I am pleased to welcome you to our web site.

We invite you to browse through the site, which will give you information about the Council and information about issues, programs, events and policies affecting people with disabilities. 

The Council's mission is to ensure the full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the community of their choice.  We achieve our mission through advocacy, capacity building, and systems change initiatives.

Our hope is that you'll find this web site informative.  If you have questions or comments about the site please contact us.

Sincerely ,

Shelagh McClure, Chair

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

{Partners 2012 Class}
Partners in Policymaking graduates and faculty, Class of 2012
Important Information and Updates


The Council Public Forum scheduled for  March 28 at Beth El Temple at 2626 Albany Ave in West Hartford has been POSTPONED.  We were not able to get a sign-language interpreter to accommodate some of our participant. To ensure inclusion for everyone, we will reschedule.  Please check back to see the new time and date.


Dear Disability Advocacy Community,

Yesterday a few of us met with Senator Murphy and his aide, Joe Dunn.  In light of the significant attacks on home and community based services  through the recent health care bill, they are asking for stories from our community.  Specifically:

1.  If you are receiving community supports for yourself or a family member, paid under a Medicaid program (Regular JMedicaid coverage, Community First Choice, Any of the Medicaid Optional waiver services like PCA Waivers, Katie Beckett, etc,) Senator Murphy would like  to know how this support has helped you and your family.

2.  Specifically educate them about your ability to work, pay taxes,  reduce health care costs  and other residential costs, and be part of your community.

3. Educate them  about what your life would be, and what you and your family would lose if this support went away.

Many of you who have submitted other testimony in Connecticut may already have some of this written up.  Please take the time today to send it.  This vote is moving quickly from the House to the Senate, so Senator Murphy would like these stories by the end of this weekend.  We have a wonderful Congressional delegation who truly understand our issues, BUT  we have to help them with this serious threat to Medicaid.  You can submit your story at:  https://www.murphy.senate.gov/affordable-care-act.  Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

Molly Cole


The Council meeting and Public Forum that was postponed from March 14 due to the storm will be held on Tuesday March 28 at Beth El Temple on 2626 Albany Ave in West Hartford. The Public Forum is from 10AM-11:30. The Council meeting is from 10AM-3PM.

Here is a brand new video produced by the Ct Office of Protection and Advocacy:  I have a Disability and I Vote!    REMEMBER TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8!

Former Governor Lowell Weicker talks about the closing of Mansfield and Southbury Training Schools, April 2015 Click here

The 2020 Campaign

A Plan to Close Connecticut's Institutions for

People with Intellectual Disabilities by 2020

The Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities has called on the Governor and the State Legislature to close all state institutions that house individuals with intellectual disabilities by 2020 and to transition all residents to appropriate homes in an integrated settings in the community. We have also called for all savings to be used to reduce the residential waiting list.  For more information Click Here.


The CT Council on Developmental Disabilities has awarded over $200,000 in funded initiatives.  Click here to see the list of these projects.

Able Lives

A lot of you may remember the Able Lives website that is run by the CTCDD that hosts the series of TV shows that were produced on disability issues by CPTV and the CTCDD.  The Able Lives website was in need of major repairs and updates.  That work has now been completed and the site is now once again available at ablelives.org.  The new Able Lives also has a forum which we hope to use to start an online dialog concerning disability issues here in Connecticut.  Once you go to Able Lives the forum link is at the top of the page.  An account is required to use the forum.  Anyone is welcome to sign up for an account at ablelives.org

Consumer Involvement Fund (CIF) CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Do you know that there is partial funding available for Connecticut individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members to participate in conferences, attend legislative advocacy skills events, go to public forums and hearings? The CIF can fund partial of the cost  of registration, child and respite care, personal assistance, hotel/lodging, meals, transportation and other related expenses at the discretion of the Council. Individuals may receive up to $100 to attend an event in-state and up to $600 to attend an event out of state. Individuals must provide 25% in matching funds from another organization or agency or personally. Click here for application and reporting packet.

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities in Connecticut experienced many challenges before, during and after Storms Irene and Alfred in 2011. In response to these challenges, the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities developed a printed and electronic brochure to assist people with disabilities in planning for their emergencies. Feel free to share these electronic and printed brochures with your friends or post them on list-sevs and any social media application(s). Click here to see the online brochure or here to see the print version.


On December 6, 2012, the FCC Chairman announced that the four major wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile have agreed to accelerate the availability of text-to-911, with major deployments expected in 2013 and a commitment to nationwide availability by May 15, 2014.   Text-to-911 will provide consumers, including millions of consumers with hearing and speech disabilities, access to emergency services by enabling them to send a text message to 911.  Below are the links to the announcement:







NOTE:  The Council on Developmental Disabilities is not the Department of Developmental Services.  The Council is not a direct service provider.  If you are trying to reach the Department of Developmental Services, please dial 860-418-6000.