CT Ed Tech: Contact Us

CET Contacts
Mark Raymond, CIO
CET Chair
55 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT  06105
(860) 622-2419
Doug Casey
CET Executive Director
55 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT  06105
(860) 622-2224
E-Mail Listserv
The Commission's statewide listserv serves subscribers in a number of ways:
  • Offers a vendor-free, peer-to-peer network to share ideas and advice
  • Announces statewide technology news (e.g., grants, events, etc.)
  • Shares timely, relevant educational technology research
  • Offers opinions on how the state and CET specifically can support educational technology causes in Connecticut
Members of the educational community may subscribe by sending a message to listserv@list.ct.gov and including the following in the message body:
subscribe CET_K-12_EDTECH First Last
Where “First” and “Last” are your first and last name.
You can unsubscribe at any time in the same manner, simply by sending an e-mail to listserv@list.ct.gov with the following text in the body:
signoff CET_K-12_EDTECH
Feel free to post and share new topics, respond to threads, etc., but keep in mind that replies go to the entire subscriber list. If you want to respond only to the author of an e-mail and not the entire list of subscribers, forward the thread directly to him or her.

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