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Student Data Privacy Resources

The Commission has developed the following resources to assist school districts, parents, and educational service providers in learning about and complying with Connecticut's student data privacy law (Public Act 16-189).

Student Data Privacy Toolkit
The Tookit provides an explanation of the law with definitions and obligations for K - 12 boards of education as well as educational contractors and operators. It includes resources to support districts in the areas of training, communication, and general compliance.
{Student Data Privacy Toolkit}
Educational Software Hub
This resource for all Connecticut educators, district leaders, and parents lists software that complies with our student data privacy law. The site also provides a single point of reference for software developers to understand our statute and sign a digital Student Data Privacy Pledge.
To view a demonstration of the Hub, visit https://youtu.be/Srq4KNEIKHc

To request that your educational software provider review and sign the Pledge, direct them to the Hub (sample invitation e-mail).
{CET Educational Software Hub}

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