DCP: The Standards Program -- Weights and Measures

The Standards Program -- Weights and Measures

The Department of Consumer Protection safeguards the public health and promotes the public welfare by protecting persons from product injury and fraud arising from intrastate commerce in food, and promotes accuracy in weighing and measuring devices. The Standards Program (also known as Weights and Measures) is part of the Food and Standards Division and is responsible for:
  • Ensuring the accuracy of all weights and measures used in Connecticut trade, and operating the state's only Metrology Laboratory.
  • Overseeing licensees under the Heating Oil Dealer, Retail Gasoline Dealer, Motor Fuel Quality, and Weighing and Measuring Device Dealers and Repairers laws, and
  • Testing motor fuel octane.

Food & Standards Division

Weights and Measures Program
Department of Consumer Protection
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
Hartford, Connecticut  06103

Phone:  860-713-6160



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