DCP: Generate a Roster of Licenses, Permits, Registrations

Generate a Roster of Licenses, Permits, Registrations

If you do not need instructions to run a roster, you can proceed at this link.
If you do need instructions, please review or print the step-by step directions below before proceeding. 
When you are ready to run your roster, select this link or enter the URL https://www.elicense.ct.gov into your web browser.

On the eLicensing screen, double-click on “Generate Rosters” on left side of page.

{roster 1}



(1)  At the next screen, you will see a long list of major categories. Click on the “down arrow” symbol next to the category of interest to you

(2)  This will bring up a screen with the license sub-types that fall in that category.

(1)                                                         (2)

{roster 2a}    {roster 3}



Click inside the box next to the roster(s) you want to generate, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Select "continue."

{roster 5}  

{roster 5}



On the next screen, select type of report (Excel works best for sorting) and then press “Download” button.

{roster 6}



When the next screen pops up, select "open."

{roster 7}



In the Excel report, you can manipulate the data and save it to your computer as a new roster.

{roster 8}

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