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Geology General
 About the Survey
  General information about the CT Geological Survey
 Bedrock Core Repository
  The Bedrock Core Respository is a valuable compilation of the subsurface geologic record in Connecticut.
  Geological samples that can be viewed or loaned from the CT Geological Survey.
 Connecticut Geological Survey News
 Cooperative Mapping Project
 CT Geological and Natural History Survey V2
 EarthCache Sites
  An EarthCache is a place where you will find an interesting geologic feature or process that will enrich your outdoor experience.
 Energy Applications & Research
  CT earth science and renewable energy resources
 From Our State Geologist
 Geological Chronicles
  The geologic events that shaped Connecticut and Long Island Sound.
 Geological Survey
 Geothermal Research
  The Connecticut and Massachusetts Geological Surveys collaborated on a National Geothermal Data Project funded by the US Department of Energy through the Association of American State Geologists.
 Get Outside and Explore
  CT Geologic field trip and investigation information for individuals and clubs.
 Glossary of Geologic Features/Terms
 GS Directory
  Contact information for staff and affiliates of the CT Geological Survey
 Hand Sample Collection; Award #G09AP00091
  This is a collection of representative hand sized samples from geologic formations statewide.
 In Case You Missed It
  CT Geological Survey's list of notable news items from various sources.
  Links to other geological resources
 Mineral Collecting
 Moodus CT Seismic Report
  An out-of-print report that is hard to find and geologically important.
 NEGSA Contributions
  Geologic maps and publications produced by the CT Geological Survey.
 Quadrangle Reports
  Quadrangle Reports (QR) were published in 1951-1980 by the State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut. The QR Publication Series was revived in 2012 with the publication of Hartford South as QR40.
 State Geologic Designations
  Connecticut's State mineral and fossil are described.
 Statewide Geologic Maps
  Geologic maps covering the State of Connecticut as well as derived, and thematic maps.
 Surficial Aquifer Potential Map
  The surficial aquifer potential map of Connecticut identifies areas with greater potential for ground water supply based upon the texture and thickness of surficial aquifer deposits.
 Teacher Toolkits
  The Teacher Toolkits are an educational outreach initiative of the American Geosciences Institute and are supported by a consortium of Federal, State, and non-profit professional science organizations to improve and support earth science literacy and the next generation of American scientists.
 Tools for Educators
  Teaching materials to facilitate geological lessons and guided field trips.

Maps & Spatial
 Aerial Photographs
 Maps and GIS Data
 Recreational Maps
 Resource Maps
 Topographic Maps

Quality Assurance
 Quality Assurance

 Radon Potential Mapping