DEEP: Beseck Lake Boat Launch

Beseck Lake Boat Launch

By December 1, 2018, the lake will be drawn down 3 feet. That elevation will be maintained until March 1, 2019.  During this time, the boat launch area may be shallow. The lake is scheduled to be refilled by April 2, 2019. However, there is always a risk that refilling may not be achieved by the target date due to unusually dry weather conditions.

{An aerial view of the Beseck Lake boat launch.}

Site Sketch of the Beseck Lake Boat Launch (PDF)

Type: Trailered
Season: Year round
Address: 212 Baileyville Road, Middlefield
Directions: West side of Route 147 approximately 1.75 miles south of junction of Route 66 and Route 147.
Lake Area: 116 Acres
Regulations: 8 MPH limit, no water-skiing except for the period June 15 to first Sunday after Labor Day when speeds in excess of 8 MPH and water-skiing are permitted between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Docks: None
Toilets: Chemical (Seasonal)
Parking Spaces: 20
Parking Surface: Paved
Access Road Surface: Paved
Ramp Surface: Paved
ADA Accessible: No
Additional Info:
Crowded on weekends. Shallow waters in northern end of lake.
Schedule of Marine Events and Fishing Tournaments (Note: tournaments are not open to the general public)

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