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Pollution Prevention (P2)

{Pollution Prevention Is Up To All Of Us}

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Pollution Prevention (or P2) is preventing or minimizing pollution, rather than controlling it once it is generated.

P2 covers a broad range of environmental concerns such as addressing climate change, managing and reducing our waste, landscape stewardship and renewable energy and more.

For years environmental protection was focused on pollution control - cleaning up pollution after it occurred - rather than on prevention. The control approach has serious drawbacks, including high costs and increased liability.

Sometimes when we try to clean up pollution, we just end up moving it from one place to another, such as from the air to the land or from the land to water.  

More Pollution Prevention Topics
We can all do our part to prevent pollution at workhomeschool and in our communities. Find more information in the sections listed below about how you can help create a cleaner, greener and healthier environment using pollution prevention strategies and practices.

What is P2? - Learn more about how pollution prevention protects our environment.
P2 Programs - Find out what's going on with current programs for businesses, government and consumers. 
Going Green Makes Sen$e - Find out how to green your office using ideas on how we are greening DEEP headquarters.
Household Alternatives To Toxic Products - Learn about toxics in common cleaning products and safer and healthier alternatives.
Have a healthy lawn and playing fields without the chemicals by using organic land care techniques. 
Green Building - Learn more about green building design, construction and maintenance techniques.
Business Case Studies - Find out what CT businesses are doing to be more sustainable.
Product Stewardship is system where the producer of an item is responsible for financing its end of life management. Find out about product stewardship initiatives in CT.
Electronic Waste (e-waste) - Find out how to dispose of home and business electronic equipment.
Reducing Your Environmental Footprint - Find information on purchasing a vehicle, driving and maintenance tips.
Learn more about alternative fuel sources such as biomass and biodiesel.
P2 Educational Resources - Borrow a display, watch a video or subscribe to our P2 View Newsletter.
What Do I Do With...? - Learn how to manage or dispose those not-so-common household items.
Environmental Protection Begins With You - From conserving water to building a bat house, learn how you can take responsibility for protecting the environment.

Content Last Updated October 2015