DEEP: International Climate Change Initiatives

International Climate Change Initiatives
U.S. EPA is engaged in many international environmental bilateral and multilateral initiatives.
Read about U.S. participation in international climate change actions.
The United States and China agree to collaborate on climate change action.
In 1992 the UNFCCC, an international treaty, was established to prevent dangerous climate change. There are 195 parties to this treaty, of which the U.S. is included.
Established in 1988, the IPCC is the premier international scientific body for climate change reporting. Working under the United Nations, the IPCC is made up of thousands of scientists that publish assessment reports on a regular basis.
5th Assessment Report: Working Group 1 The Physical Science Basis - Read the first of three parts to the most recent (2013) IPCC Assessment Report.
Provides helpful information on international climate change negotiations to date.
Content Last Updated October 2015