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Fiscal Services

RoseMarie Peshka, Chief Financial Officer


RoseMarie Peshka, Chief Financial Officer

Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, the Budget Unit is responsible for the entire Agency Budget and the integration and oversight of the Agenciesí six divisional budgets.  Functions include: development of the annual spending plan for appropriated resources; development of the current services resource request; production of monthly reports describing and analyzing the departmentís financial position; financial analysis of options for increases or decreases to the departmentís budget; development of the annual request for capital equipment funding; financial control (by way of the allotment process); development of fiscal impact statements for proposed legislation and regulations; and various reports and analyses requested by internal and external customers.

Accounts Receivable, Fiscal Grants & Special Funding

Kathleen Duffy, Fiscal Administrative Manager


Accounts Receivable Unit:

Shamim Bhura, Supervising Accountant


This Unit is responsible for receiving and recording all receipts received by our Agency and for processing all billings to customers. 

Fiscal Grants Unit:

Hopal McKenzie, Fiscal Administrative Supervisor


Division of State Police and Division of Scientific Services Grants:

Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and Division of Fire Protection & Control Grants:

Jason Osterling, Associate Accountant


This Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining financial accountability for all Federal, State and private grant funds.

Special Funding Unit:

Shamim Bhura, Supervising Accountant


Oluwafemi Kuti, Associate Accountant


This Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining financial accountability for all restricted funding other than grant funds.

Grants Administration Unit

Joseph L. Duberek, Fiscal Administrative Manager


The Grants Administration Unit is responsible for assisting in the generation of all grant applications and awards for Federal Funding for all Agency Divisions.

The unit reviews proposed uses of grant funding to ensure they are appropriate and allowable; and the review and approval of all Grant payments and reimbursements. Staff noted below may be contacted directly for any questions relating to their Division. 

Rita Stewart, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security 


Rosemary Salerno, Division of State Police


Chandra Williams, Division of Scientific Services


Carey Thompson, Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications 


Business Operations Unit 

RoseMarie Peshka, Chief Financial Officer

Rosie Moreira
, Fiscal Administrative Supervisor

The Business Operations Unit is responsible for the following functions: Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, Quartermaster and Travel within DESPP as mandated by the State Accounting Manual.

DESPP purchasing authority is granted by the Commissioner and the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services.  Contract Compliance Policy Statement

Travel Reimbursements for State-related business travel and college tuition may be obtained with the submission of the required forms in accordance with the agency travel policies.

Accounts Payable:

Rosie Moreira, Fiscal Administrative Supervisor


Joshua Joseph, Associate Fiscal Administrative Officer

Asset Management/Surplus
Nirka Benitez, Fiscal Administrative Officer

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