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         Consumer News

What to do When Your Vehicle is Towed

Learn about the different situations and what customers should do when their vehicle is towed.

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Before Purchasing a Vehicle Be Careful of Altered Equipment

Find out more about the legal issues concerning tinted windows, neon lights on headlights or around license plates, flashy rims, and specialized horns.

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Tips and Cautions About Buying a Vehicle Online

DMV provides customers information and warnings about buying a vehicle online.

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          Emissions Testing
Preparing for Your On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Test
Learn the ways a customer can prepare their vehicle to pass Connecticut's new On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Test. 
Driver's License 
       Teen Drivers
New Drivers -- Driving in the Snow and Ice
Tips on how to drive when the road conditions are snowy or icy.
New Drivers-- The Dangers of Text Messaging While Driving
Know the dangers and consequences of text messaging while driving.
New Drivers-- Dealing with Vehicle Emergencies
Be ready to handle different emergency situations that drivers face and provide tips on how to handle various situations.
New Drivers-- Staying Focused on the Road
Avoid becoming distracted while driving. 
New Drivers-- Accidents Happen
Know what to do when an accident occurs and how to tips on how to avoid them.
New Drivers -- Avoiding Road Rage
Understand the impact of aggressive driving on the road.
New Drivers -- Driving in Bad Weather Conditions
Stay safe on the road when bad weather hits.
New Drivers -- Use Precaution Around a Truck's No-Zone Area
Learn how to share the road with large vehicles, such as trucks.
New Drivers -- Know Your Traffic Signs
New Drivers -- Sharing the Road
Learn tips on how to share the road with others.
DMV's Bill Seymour reviews a Voice of America report on how parents can play an even greater role in steering their teens to safety behind the wheel.
New Drivers -- How to Take the On-the-Road Skills Test
Prepare for the on-the-road test to get your driver's license.
Learn more becoming an organ and tissue donor.
Find out how DMV works with older drivers.
Motorcycles and Mopeds
Sharing the Road with Motorcycles
Learn more about sharing the roadways with motorcycles.
Staying on Right Side of the Law with Mopeds and Pocket Bikes
Learn more about the laws on mopeds and pocket bikes. 
         Safety Issues and Concerns
Traffic Accidents and Why Society Doesn't Pay More Attention to Those Numbers
DMV's Bill Seymour presents a National Public Radio report from Talk of the Nation on traffic accidents and why society doesn't pay more attention to those numbers.
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