DMV: CDL - Self-Certification Requirement

 Commercial Driver's License/

Commercial Driver Instruction Permit

 Driving Type Self-Certification  


Holiday Closing:  DMV offices will close this Thursday (Feb. 11) at 3:15 p.m. and remain closed this Friday (Feb. 12) and Saturday (Feb. 13) for the Pres. Lincoln and Washington holidays.


Federal law requires all Commercial Driver's License (CDL) holders and Commercial Driver Instruction Permit (CDIP) holders to provide " Self-certification" of driving type:

                  LEARN MORE HERE:  See description of driving types for you to choose here.


           CERTIFY HERE:   

Once you go to the website above and successfully self-certify, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Bring the e-mail confirmation to DMV anytime you:                   

  • Apply for a new CDL
  • Renew a current CDL
  • Apply for an upgrade to a higher class CDL
  • Apply for a new endorsement
  • Transfer a CDL from another state
  • Change driving type
If you are non-compliant, DMV will send you a notification letter, and if you do not comply by the date given, your CDL or CDIP will be disqualified.



Category 1 (NI) - Non-excepted interstate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle outside of Connecticut 

Category 2 (NA) -Non-excepted intrastate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle only within Connecticut  

Note:  If any CMV you drive crosses the CT state line (into NY, MASS, RI - including for purchasing of fuel or picking up occasional loads) at any time, you are INTERSTATE. 

Category 3 (EI) -Excepted Interstate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle outside of Connecticut, only for excepted purposes listed below. 

Excepted Interstate Purposes:

        49 CFR 390.3(f):   School bus operations, state and federal transportation, occasional transportation of personal property not for compensation, transportation of human corpses or sick/injured persons, fire trucks and rescue vehicles, commercial vehicles designed or used to transport between 9 and 15 passengers (including the driver), transportation of propane winter heating fuel when responding to an emergency situation requiring immediate response.

        49 CFR 391.2:   Farm custom operations, apiarian industries (beekeepers seasonally transporting bees), certain farm vehicle drivers.

        49 CFR 391.68:   Private motor carrier of passengers (nonbusiness).

        49 CFR 398.3:  Driver of migrant workers.

Category 4 (EA) - Excepted intrastate:  Operates a commercial motor vehicle only within Connecticut (intrastate commerce) only for an excepted purpose listed below.

Excepted Intrastate Purpose:

        A self-propelled implement of husbandry or an implement of husbandry being drawn by a farm tractor or another implement of husbandry; public utility, telephone, and cable television company service vehicles that do not meet the definition of a commercial motor vehicle in 46 CFR part 383; or public utility service vehicle used in cases of emergency.

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