DMV: When a Title is Not Needed

When a Title Is Not Needed

According to Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-166 exempted vehicles: the acquisition of a certificate of title shall not be required for the following:

  1. A vehicle owned by the United States, unless it is registered in this state.
  2. A vehicle owned by a manufacturer or dealer and held for sale, even though incidentally moved on the highway or used for purposes of testing or demonstration; or a vehicle used by a manufacturer solely for testing.
  3. A vehicle owned by a nonresident of this state and not required by law to be registered in this state.
  4. A vehicle regularly engaged in the interstate transportation of persons or property for which a currently effective certificate of title has been issued in another state.
  5. A vehicle moved solely by animal power.
  6. An implement of husbandry.
  7. Special mobile equipment.
  8. A self-propelled wheel chair or invalid tricycle.
  9. Any trailer having a gross weight not in excess of 3,000 lbs.
  10. Any vehicle for which a temporary registration has been issued pursuant to Connectict State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-12 for the purpose of permitting a non-resident owner who purchases a vehicle in Connecticut to transport such vehicle to such owner’s home state.
  11. A motor vehicle owned by the state or any town, city or borough within the state.
  12. A motor vehicle registered temporarily for inspection purposes pursuant to Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-12.
  13. A snowmobile or ATV

The acquisition of a certificate of title for over 20 model years old is not required. Please contact the DMV's Title Division with any questions at 860-263-5710.

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