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Dairy Farms of Distinction


{2008 Dairy Farm of Distinction - Maplewood Farm }


2008 Dairy Farm of Distinction Winner - Maplewood Farm

On June 18th, 2008, F. Philip Prelli, Connecticut Commissioner of Agriculture, announced that the Connecticut Dairy Farm of Distinction Committee has selected Maplewood Dairy Farm in Granby as this year’s winner of the Dairy Farm of Distinction Award. 

“Maplewood Farm earned this award through its dedication to excellence,” said Commissioner Prelli. “This award showcases the best our state has to offer in dairy farming, an industry that has played an important role in Connecticut’s history and its landscape.”

Commissioner Prelli will present the award at 10:00 AM on Friday, June 20 at a ceremony on the farm, 170 North Granby Road (Route 189) in Granby.  Representatives from the media are welcome to attend.

Maplewood Dairy is a 65-acre farm that is home to 75 registered Holsteins.  Thirty-six milking cows produce 1,200 pounds (140 gallons) of milk daily.  The milk is shipped to Guida’s Milk and Ice Cream in New Britain, where it is processed and packaged for sale. 

Veterinarian Forrest Davis has owned the farm since 1972 and rents it to Dawn McGee, who manages the dairy operation and its nine employees.  In addition, Ms. McGee shows her cattle throughout the Northeast.  Along with Dr. Davis, she also is a co-leader of the Granby Holy Cows 4-H Dairy Group. 

“Maplewood Dairy is an excellent example of a farm that not only produces an exceptional product but also gives back to its community,” Commissioner Prelli said.  “Dr. Davis and Ms McGee serve our state’s residents with their milk every day.  The also are helping to produce the next generation of Connecticut’s dairy farmers, who will serve our residents for years to come.”

This is the 23nd year of the Dairy Farm of Distinction Award, which recognizes outstanding dairy farms both for the production quality of milk and for their overall appearance. The committee giving the award is an independent, nonprofit group made up of representatives from the dairy industry, the Cooperative Extension Service, and the Department of Agriculture. It is supported by donations from agricultural businesses and organizations.

The Dairy Farm of Distinction Award is part of the dairy industry’s month-long celebration, June is Dairy Month.