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Connecticut Tumor Registry

{Connecticut Tumor Registry 1935-2010}

The CT Tumor Registry is a population-based resource for examining cancer patterns in Connecticut. The registry's computerized data base includes all reported cancers diagnosed in Connecticut residents from 1935 to the present, as well as follow-up, treatment and survival data on reported cases.  All hospitals and private pathology laboratories in Connecticut are required by law to report cancer cases to the registry.

The identities of all patients reported are protected by state confidentiality laws.

The registry is also one of only five statewide designated surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (SEER) sites in the country.  The National Cancer Institute provides funding to SEER sites which were selected for their ability to manage a cancer reporting system and to provide a representative subset of the United States population. 

"The State Cancer Profiles web site 
provides a variety of cancer and cancer-related statistics for Connecticut.

Data are available as tables and maps, and include: c
ancer incidence and mortality rates; trend data; and supporting demographic and risk factor data. 

Click here to go to the State Cancer Profiles web site."
Connecticut Tumor Registry 2010 Revisions

 CoC and SEER Required Site-Specific Factors (SSF)  for Collaborative Staging Version 02.03
SEER SSFs 2011 alpha.xls   SEER SSFs alpha.pdf
 SEER SSFs natural.xls  SEER SSFs-natural.pdf

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Tumor Registry Publications
(Please note, all publications available below are PDF files)

(NEW) Updated town-level cancer incidence numbers are available for the four most commonly diagnosed cancers in Connecticut residents,
and for all invasive cancers:

CT cancer incidence 2003-2007 by town 
 [Excel file link] [pdf file link]


         NEW   2015 REPORTABLE LIST CONNECTICUT TUMOR REGISTRY [Word doc link] [pdf file link]

          NEW  Cancer in Connecticut - July 2014

          NEW   Connecticut Tumor Registry Bibliography  1935 -2014 (pdf) 

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