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Publications - Announcements
 AN 93(1), Typographical Errors on 1992 Form CT-1041
 AN 93(2), Corrected Forms 1099-G to be Issued by DRS
 AN 93(3), Extension for Victims of World Trade Center Explosion
 AN 93(4), Correction of Instructions to 1992 CT-1120SI
 AN 93(5), Modification Required To 1992 Form CT-1120I In Determining Assumed Tax To Account For Reduced Surtax Rate
 AN 93(6), 1991 And 1992 Composite Returns And Composite Estimated Tax Payments For Non Calendar Year Partnerships And S Corporations
 AN 93(7), Announcement to Retailers of Motor Vehicle Tires
 AN 93(9), Use of Revised Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return
 AN 93(10.1), Revisions To Certain 1993 Income Tax Returns And Instructions
 AN 93(11), Announcement to Companies Subject to the Insurance Premium Tax