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Publications - Announcements
 AN 95(1), Use Of Revised Amended Connecticut Income Tax Return (Form CT-1040X)
 AN 95(2), Important Information About How To Obtain Copies Of Connecticut Income Tax Regulations
 AN 95(3), Administrative Pronouncements And Rulings Relating To Amusement And Recreation Services And Health Club Services Obsolete By Repeal Of Tax On Such Services
 AN 95(4), Quarterly List of Distributors for Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Purposes
 AN 95(4.1), Quarterly List Of Distributors For Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Purposes
 AN 95(5), Modifications And Corrections To IP 95(1), A Guide To Connecticut Sales And Use Taxes For Building Contractors
 AN 95(6), Issuance of Four Quarterly "Topical" Indexes
 AN 95(7), Current Technical Advice Memorandum Procedures Extended Until December 31, 1995
 AN 95(8), Withholding Rules for Connecticut Employers
 AN 95(9), How To Use Revised CERT-105 And CERT-114 To Make Exempt Purchases Of Commercial Motor Vehicles
 AN 95(10), Procedures For Qualified Exempt Organizations Making Purchases Exempt From Sales And Use Taxes
 AN 95(11), Information About Obtaining Connecticut Informational Publications In Booklet Form