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 IP 2017(1), Connecticut Circular CT Employer's Tax Guide
 IP 2017(7), Is My Connecticut Withholding Correct?
 IP 2017(9), Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return Information
 IP 2017(10), Deposit in the Nature of a Cash Bond
 IP 2017(12), Forms 1099-R, 1099-MISC, and W-2G Electronic Filing Requirements for Tax Year 2017
 IP 2017(13), Form W-2 Electronic Filing Requirements for Tax Year 2017
 IP 2017(15), Filing and Paying Connecticut Taxes Electronically
 IP 2017(20), Q & A Concerning Freedom of Information Act Requests
 IP 2017(21), Pay When Paid Method for Materialmen
 IP 2017(22), Federal/State Electronic Handbook
 IP 2017(23), Q & A: Income Tax Credit for Property Taxes Paid to a Connecticut Political Subdivision?
 IP 2017(24) Q & A on Estimated Corporation Business Tax and Worksheet CT-1120AE
 IP 2017(25), Getting Started in Business