DRS: Publications - Policy Statements
Publications - Policy Statements
 PS 2001(1), Procedure for Retailers Claiming Credit for Sales Tax Previously Paid on Worthless Accounts Receivable
 PS 2001(2), Room Occupancy Tax and Sales and Use Tax on Campground and Cottage Rentals
 PS 2001(3), Your Rights as a Connecticut Taxpayer
 PS 2001(4), Sales of Motor Vehicles to Nonresident Military Personnel and Joint Sales of Motor Vehicles to Nonresident Military Personnel and Their Spouses
 PS 2001(5), Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Food Sold Through Coin-Operated Vending Machines
 PS 2001(6), Sales and Use Taxes on Retail Sales of Clothing
 PS 2001(7), Purchases of Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Materials, and Supplies by Commercial Printers and Publishers
 PS 2001(8), Taxation of Internet Access Provided by Community Antenna Television Companies
 PS 2001(9), Sales and Use Taxes on Sales and Purchases Made by Veterinarians
 PS 2001(10), Exemptions From Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax and Reduced Threshold for Imposition of Tax on Importers
 PS 2001(11), Admissions Tax Exclusion for Health Clubs
 PS 2001(12), Production of Prewritten Software
 PS 2001(13), Application of Sales and Use Taxes and the Room Occupancy Tax to the Hotel and Motel Industry
 PS 2001(14), Claims for Refund Made by Financially Disabled Individuals