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Publications - Policy Statements
 PS 2003(1), Application of Sales and Use Taxes and the Room Occupancy Tax to the Hotel and Motel Industry
 PS 2003(2), Sales and Use Taxes on Internet Access Services and On-Line Sales of Goods and Services
 PS 2003(3), Sales and Use Taxes on Computer-Related Services and Sales of Tangible Personal Property
 PS 2003(4), Purchases of Meals or Lodging By Exempt Entities
 PS 2003(5), Income Tax Withholding for Athletes or Entertainers
 PS 2003(6), Connecticut Income Tax on Bonds or Obligations Issued by the United States Government, by State Governments, or Municipalities
 PS 2003(7), Instructions for Claiming a Refund or Credit of Insurance Premiums Tax and Special Instructions for New York and Illinois Insurance Companies
 PS 2003(8), Instructions for Any Health Care Center Claiming a Refund or Credit of Health Care Center Tax