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Publications - Rulings
 Ruling 91-1, Litigation Support Services
 Ruling 91-2, Controlling Interest Transfer Taxes
 Ruling 91-3, Real Estate Conveyance Taxes
 Ruling 91-4, Sales Agent Services
 Ruling 91-5, Hazardous Waste
 Ruling 91-6, Installation of Tangible Personal Property
 Ruling 91-7, Manufacturing / Air Compressors
 Ruling 91-8, Nonprofit Charitable Hospitals
 Ruling 91-9, Capital Gains Tax
 Ruling 91-10, Dividend and Interest Income Tax
 Ruling 91-11, Computer and Data Processing Services
 Ruling 91-12, Medical Equipment
 Ruling 91-13, Repair Services
 Ruling 91-14, Dividend and Interest Income Tax
 Ruling 91-15, Intercompany Dividend
 Ruling 91-16, Sales and Use Taxes / Resale of Telecommunications Service
 Ruling 91-17, Marketing Research
 Ruling 91-18, Sales and Use Taxes / Advertising Services
 Ruling 91-19, Sales and Use Taxes / Computer and Data Processing Services
 Ruling 91-20, Room Occupancy Tax
 Ruling 91-21, Sales and Use Taxes / Telecommunications Service
 Ruling 91-22, Sales and Use Taxes / Sale of Tangible Personal Property
 Ruling 91-23, Sales and Use Taxes / Farmer Tax Exemption Permits
 Ruling 91-24, Real Estate Conveyance Taxes
 Ruling 91-25, Sales and Use Taxes / Community Antenna Television Service
 Ruling 91-26, Corporation Business Tax / Regulated Investment Companies