DRS: Publications - Special Notices
Publications - Special Notices
 SN 98(1), 1998 New York State Legislation Affecting the Connecticut/New York Reciprocal Tax Program
 SN 98(2), 1997 Legislative Changes Affecting the Estate Tax
 SN 98(3), Effect of Recent Federal Tax Law Changes on the Taxation of Limited Liability Companies and S Corporations and Their Shareholders
 SN 98(4), Summary of 1997 Legislation Affecting the Connecticut Income Tax
 SN 98(5), Sharing Certain Use Tax Revenue With Municipal Agencies - 1997 Conn. Pub. Acts 229, 1
 SN 98(6), Exemption from Sales and Use Taxes for Projects of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority and Solid Waste-to-Energy Facilities
 SN 98(7), 1997 Legislative Changes Affecting the Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax Effective July 1, 1998
 SN 98(8), 1998 Legislation Affecting Sales And Use Taxes; Admissions, Cabaret and Dues Tax; and the Motor Vehicle Rental Surcharge
 SN 98(9), 1998 Legislative Changes Affecting the Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax
 SN 98(10), The "Buy Connecticut" Provision - 1997 Conn. Pub. Acts 243, 48
 SN 98(11), Exemption From Sales And Use Taxes Of Sales By Nonprofit Organizations At Fundraising or Social Events
 SN 98(12), Credit Procedures for Reduced Rate Petroleum Products
 SN 98(13), Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Sales of Newspapers