DRS: Publications - Special Notices
Publications - Special Notices
 SN 2001(1), Escrow Accounts Required to be Established by Nonparticipating Manufacturers
 SN 2001(2), Miscellaneous Personal Services
 SN 2001(3), Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Nonprescription Drugs and Medicines and Smoking Cessation Products
 SN 2001(4), Exemptions from Admissions Tax
 SN 2001(5), The "Buy Connecticut" Provision
 SN 2001(6), One-Week Sales and Use Tax Exclusion in August for Clothing and Footwear Under $300
 SN 2001(7), Sharing Certain Use Tax Revenue With Municipal Agencies
 SN 2001(8), 2001 Legislation Affecting Succession Tax
 SN 2001(9), 2001 Sales and Use Tax and Admissions and Dues Tax Legislation
 SN 2001(10), More 2001 Legislation Affecting the Succession Tax