DRS: 12-711(b)-09, Earnings of salespersons

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Connecticut Regulation, Reg. Sec. 12-711(b)-9. Earnings of salespersons.

(a) Where compensation of a salesperson, agent or other employee is based in whole or in part upon commissions from sales, Connecticut adjusted gross income derived from or connected with sources within Connecticut is determined by multiplying the gross compensation earned from sales everywhere, determined as if the nonresident were a resident, by a fraction, the numerator of which is the amount of sales made within Connecticut and the denominator of which is the amount of sales made everywhere. The "amount of sales" is determined on the same basis as that on which the amount of sales is determined for purposes of figuring such individualís commissions. The determination of whether sales are made within Connecticut or elsewhere is based upon where the salesperson, agent or employee performs the activities in obtaining the order, not the location of the formal acceptance of the contract.

(b) While this section pertains to Section 12-711(b) of the general statutes, for purposes of supplementary interpretation, as the phrase is used in Section 12-2 of the general statutes, the adoption of this section is authorized by Section 12-701(c) of the general statutes.

(Effective 11/18/1994)