DRS: Refund Options

Income Tax Refund Options

Direct Deposit

The fastest way to get your refund is to file your return electronically and elect direct deposit. Join the 769,750 taxpayers who chose direct deposit because: the money goes directly into your bank account; it eliminates the possibility of the refund being lost, stolen or returned as undeliverable; and it saves tax dollars by costing the government less.

Make your direct deposit successful by:

  • Confirming your account number and routing number with your financial institution and entering them clearly on your tax return;
  • Entering the direct deposit information separately for both your federal and state electronically filed returns; and
  • Printing your software-prepared paper return only after you have entered the direct deposit information into the program.
Some financial institutions do not allow a joint refund to be deposited into an individual account.

Debit Cards

If you do not elect to direct deposit or do not have a bank account, you may elect to receive the refund as a debit card.  Complete Line 25e to request that DRS issue your refund by debit card.  Debit cards provide taxpayers with immediate access to their funds. through: 

  • Free teller assisted withdrawals at any VISA member bank or credit union;
  • Free cash withdrawals at Chase or People’s ATMs;
  • Three free cash withdrawals at other ATMs (Surcharges will apply at any ATMs other than Chase and People’s);
  • Unlimited free transactions at retail locations and online businesses across the United States that accept Visa; and
  • Free transfers to any U.S. checking or savings account.

Joint filers will receive two debit cards drawn from the same account (similar to a joint bank account). Each card may be used to make transactions, but the combined transactions cannot exceed the credit balance in the debit card account. Both cards must be activated prior to use.

For more information on DRS tax refund debit cards, visit www.ct.gov/drs, select For Individuals and select Debit Card FAQs.

Paper Check

If you do not elect direct deposit or to receive your refund as debit card, a refund check will be issued and processing may be delayed

DRS recommends that taxpayers choose direct deposit...the most reliable and fastest way to receive your refund.