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Other Sales Tax Forms

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Name Type Description Revised
SCH OS-114A Form & Inst. Schedule for "Buy Connecticut" Permit Holders 04/2003
AU-526 Form & Inst. Sales and Use Tax Refund Application for Purchases Made Under the "Buy Connecticut" Provision 02/2018
AU-65 Form & Inst. Worthless Debts Credit - Cash Basis 09/1998
AU-524 Form & Inst. Assignment of Retailer's Rights for Refund 09/2017
AU-462 Form & Inst. Vessel Worksheet 08/2013
AU-463 Form & Inst. Motor Vehicle and Vessel Gift Declaration 12/2012
AU-677 Form & Inst. Declaration of Payment of Connecticut Sales and Use Tax on Motor Vehicle or Vessel 08/2011
AU-497 Form & Inst. Connecticut Municipality Vessel Worksheet 09/2001